Meat the Niewls

Forged In Blood

Four intrepid wanderers, ner’do-wells and heroes, were caught up in a dragnet to capture Meat-slave traffickers and dispose of them as per the laws of the Kingdom of Niewl, and the county hold of McCloud. This includes:

Garion: The rotund bear mage with a penchant for coercive (and lecherous) magicks.
Kye: The twitchy-quick monkey of ill repute, known for his trafficking of ill-gotten goods.
Brennus: The goat monk whose heart of gold (failing that, his trusty staff) is ready to lend a kind “encouragement”
Garrett: The dear roustabout, whose poisoning skills and quick tongue never fail to… cause chaos.

They were nearly at their end. The headsman,

Briar: The carnivorous horse with a keen axe and a reputation to uphold,

was about to help Garion remove some excess and unneeded weight off his shoulders, when everything turned to panic. The guards began to flee in all directions, Garion flared his own ropes clean off his wrists, Garrett broke himself free of his cage in time to help Brennus untie himself. Kye was able to calmly step free from his cage once the ensuing carnage began. Briar took one cursory look over the walls to see what was coming, and knew whatever was coming… it wasn’t pretty.

As the small band of extremely lucky prisoners readied to make their break, Briar offered to join them, knowing there would be hell to pay for botching an execution that poorly, and led the group through the nearby Taxidermy shed, into a guarded courtyard. In it, a chubby fox, a boney wolf and a well built Hog archer were guarding the exit from the execution grounds. Brennus kindly asked the guards to step aside, inciting them to step forward to try and clear the group out of the courtyard.

Garion cast a sleep spell upon the advance guards, causing the pudgy fox to fall into such a deep fit, he couldn’t even be roused by the sound of the fighting. The crew maneuvered into position, while Garrett kept hidden in the shed and spiked his next arrow with Star Seed Oil. Garion, obviously deciding he should act the part of an accused meat-smuggler, began a full-tilt rush towards the hog. Kye drew his pistol-crossbow and fired at the bowman hog from a distance, sticking him in the shoulder with the bolt, before taking cover behind the door of the shed. Briar hefted his axe and cleaved the wolf’s head nearly clean from his neck (“the gentle caress of the axe blade upon the wolf’s supple spinal cord”), while dodging his simultaneous attack, before finishing him off with the flourish of a showman. Garrett managed to sprint around the sleeping fox, draw his bow and stick the hog with a poisoned arrow, but the poison didn’t take affect until after the guard retaliated with a single shot. The deer dodged the hog’s arrow, but his prodigious mage friend was grazed by the scattered arrow. At the last moment, the hog dropped to the floor, bloodied, and wholly unconscious.

Upon tying the unconscious guards up, and loading them into the back of Garion’s horse cart, drawn by his faithful companion Cedric the Stallion, Garrett laid out to the group a desire to rescue a wrongly accused rabbit he previously met. Promising ample bunny-butt proved ineffective (as there was lots of fox and hog to be had), but between providing the group with the promise of more meat slaves to “rescue” and the morally just desire to expose the town guard captain as a corrupt official and murderer, he was able to make them come around. Garrett was absolutely sure that the Captain of the Guard was in the guard’s barracks (obviously), but upon further help from Garion’s mind-taking abilities, he was able to deduce that the guard was likely at The Green Buck Inn. Taking advantage of the ensuing chaos, Garrett proudly proclaimed that it would be prudent for us to make our way their, while the town guard was kept busy.

Exuent Execution Grounds, End Chapter 1

Rewards and Loot:
-Slaves: Hog, Fox
-Pocket Change and Basic Weapons of indiscriminate type.

Experience Gained: 9 Points Total, blocks of 4, 3 & 2


ChrisPanda Din_Fleetpaw

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