Meat the Niewls

Interlude 1: Into the Wild

Wherein No Death Happened, Whatsoever.

First Night’s Rest: Of Course We’ll Free You… From this Mortal Coil

Forged documents set, slaves in tow, and the crew ready for their daring escape, the group decided to strike while the iron was hot, and leave the city just as the vanguard of the Rebel Army surrounded the city of McCloud. Kye’s expert knowledge of the area guaranteed that the enemy would be least organized at the west gate. Garrett, on the other hand, was able to deduce that the enemy army came from the West, and bickered for a good ten minutes with the smuggler (who obviously wanted to direct the group to better business opportunities), before settling on leaving the Eastern gate.

The forged documents were good enough to get past the cute bat guard at the gate, but choosing this path also put them within 500 meters of a regal looking lion in gilded armor. He was obviously approaching the city to parlay, With his level of fame, the soldier was positively identified as the King’s Brother’s Cousin, a general in the Rebel Army, whose chivalry was only besmirched by occasional questionable menu choices. Garrett approached him as a vanguard and offered the travel papers they’d forged, much to the confusion of the General. Furthermore, his mole adjutant was able to deduce that the paperwork was forged, and became increasingly agitated at the lying behavior of the group.

The General was quite clear, however, that he did not care this crew of meat runners was leaving the city. Supply lines being what they are, and all, he offered safe passage for three stock of his choice, or for the crew to return to the city and open the gates for the opposing army. Seeing opportunity in this, Garrett seemed to agree, but asked for safe passage to the army’s camp, in order to convene, and rest in the relative safety away from the city walls.

The camp itself was lively, jovial, and everyone seemed in high spirits. The army was very visibly also made up, almost entirely, of predators. Within a few minutes of entering, the meat slaves became a bit more nervous, to which a few kind words from Brennus about “freedom from this mortal coil” were enough to put them into a religion-induced calm… of sorts. Shortly after, a broad hyena archer came up to inquire about a slave, having just received his paycheck. For 42 gold, he netted himself a good quality stewing fox, and a night with Briar which will be the subject of much speculation for some time. Garrett made it clear to the meat slaves that Briar was going along to make sure nothing happened… but of course, the group was met with the smell of fresh stew wafting down the wind within an hour.

The General returned and invited the crew into his tent for a final meeting, Briar taking up the rear. He had been visibly shot at with arrows from the city’s walls, his crested shield peppered with them. But, the moment of razor’s edge negotiation must have put the General in a slightly better mood, as the crew decided to talk through, in front of him, the value of their goods. As it was clear that such a loss of stock would put the tiny outfit under quite a bit (and presumably the Rebels wish to foster local allies and enterprises), he offered to purchase the two cheapest slaves he selected, with the most expensive thrown in for free. In the end, he settled for 175 gold to take the Guard Hog, the Raccoon and the Mule off the group’s hands.

Understanding the benefit (in addition to the brazen courage and extensive wounds) of such a mercenary group, he offered the camp as a place to recuperate, the Quartermaster for repairs and supplies, and any other services they could possibly want.

When the General invites you to dinner, you don’t turn him down. That is especially so when he leads you personally to the roasting pit where a hog has been turning for some time. Of course, the sight of a live hog roast was an unsettling moment for Brennus, whose inclusiveness and multi-culturalism knows no bounds. “My people eat nuts and berries!” he exclaimed rather cheerfully, as if the lion would see the error of his ways. This launched into an interesting comment about predatory religion from the lion (That of the Sun and Moon locked in an eternal hunt, to bring life to the world). The crew relaxed at long last, out from the danger of death, and settled in for a nice, relaxing evening, where absolutely nobody was killed or hurt… not a single person… who mattered.

End of First Night’s Rest

Rewards and Loot:
-217 gold in Slave Sales (43 gold ea., two leftover go to Briar for his “performance”)

Current Goods in Cart
-Slaves: Hog, Squirrel, Fox (guard)
-Cooking Utensils enough for a Skill Kit (Kai)
-Captain’s Sword (Quarter Stone Sword) (Briar)
-Plate and Chain Armor (Broken) (Briar?)
-More Financial Ledgers, containing bribes to the guards, who’s “not left” the tavern. (Garion)
-3 Kegs of Beer (Garion)
-10 Bottles of Wine (Garion)
-Sealing Stamp with an ornate “P” on it (Garion)


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