Garion Ulrdic

Roustabout bear of ill morals and arcane skill



Body -d8
Speed – d4
Mind -d10
Will – d6
Race – d8
Career(G&P Mage): -d12
Career(Elementalist): -d6
Charisma: d4 (Influence & Leadership Tests)

(Strength +2)(Very Strong, +2 Lift, +2 Str)
(Teeth)(Bite to grapple as an attack)
Skills(Climbing, Tracking, Wrestling)
Racial Sense(Smell)

(Literacy, Lore: G&P Magic, Meditation)

(Literacy, Lore: Elementalism, Meditation)

(3)Extra Trait: Charisma(d4)
(7)Extra Trait: Elementalist(d6)

(2) Bad Reputation(Fat, greedy, overly-friendly, superstitious lout)(Previous drinking partners)(Uncommon)(Moderate)
(2) Corpulent Lv2
(1) Gluttonous
(1) Gregarious
(3) Slothful
(1) Superstitious

(1) Create Fire(ADEPT)
(1) Mold Fire(ADEPT)
Green & Purple

(2) Brawling(Claws) d6
® Climbing d8
(2) Craft(Tanner)(Sentient skins) d6
(1) Dodge(vs HtH) d4
© Literacy d12 d6
© Lore: Elemental Magic d6
© Lore: G&P Magic d12
(2) Lore: Law(Legal contracts d6
© Meditation d12 d6
(1) Observation(People) d4
® Tracking d8
® Wrestling d8

Size: 12 Stone
Weight: 88 kg
Height: 1.5 m/15 hands
Speed: Dash(4 paces) Stride(1 pace) Full Move(12 paces/round – 7 kph)
Strength Dice: d12
Lift Bonus: 5 (-2 stone)
Max Enc: -12 (-2 stone)
Soak: d8
Dodge: d4 d4
Parry: d4

Starting Wealth: 18D

Travel Grub: x5 (1.25)
Water: 10 days (2.5)
Wine: x3 (1.5)
Ale: x5 (2.5)

Outfit: Breaches, traveling cloak (white rabbit fur interior), open deer leather vest, bull-hide carrying cases

Knife-(d8) (1/8th)
3-Quarter Stone Mace (d10 d8) (.75) 7/5/3
Reinforced Leather(d8 d4) (2.5)
Cloak (d6 Cover for Defense, used to Black using Speed + Cloak Dice)(.5)

Leather Flask
Purse x 4
Travel Blanket x4
Cooking pot (.25)
Tripod (.25)
Metal Fork
Metal Mug x5
Cloth Tent
Candles x10 (4)
Paper x50 sheets
Chalk x5
Ink & Quills
Leatherworking Tools (2)
Rope(44 paces) (2)
Torch(12) (.25)
Hooded lantern(.25)
Lantern oil x8 (1)

Hauling Horse (Cedric) (capacity 20)
Cart(capacity 50)

Brawling(Claws) d6 Damage
Grappling(Wrestling) If trapped with two graspers, may follow up with Crush or Pin
Brawling(Teeth) d6 – If attack does damage, attack successfully Grapples opponent

Club: Concussion: If foe takes 1+ damage, also looses 1 Fatigue


Garion is a long way from home, and it’s doubtful his family would claim him even if you asked. Lazy and with the expectation that life will somehow provide no matter how little work he puts in since birth, he’s drifted through a pile of increasingly esoteric occupations before falling into full on outlaw. Father was a solicitor by trade, and at first Garion was brought up to follow in his footsteps. But the boy really only had interests in slave contracts and predation law for reasons that quickly became obvious as soon as he hit puberty.
After leaving home in the aftermath of all that, he fell in at a trading outpost where his interests saw him fall in as an apprentice with the local tanner, who shared a number of proclivities and took advantage of the frequent overturn of travelers through the settlement to work on “special projects”.
However, Garion’s innate slackerdom saw him an ill-fitting apprentice. It was just as well that his intelligence and mystic potential burned through even his drunken loutishness for the traveling Elementalist who decided to steal him away. Garion, barely 18 at this time, took to magic easily. Weaving elements to his whims just further solidified his “the world provides what I want to me” mentality. Which meshed increasingly uneasily with his mentor’s pragmatic altruism. The turning point came when Garion’s mentor went up against “a sinister corruptor of men’s wills” who’d been preying on some of the meatiest specimens of the surrounding villages. The first skirmish with the mind-warping Green & Purple mage was… illuminating. And during the second skirmish, Garion was quick with a club to the back of his mentors head and offering up the older ram to his newly chosen mentor as a peace offering.
If Garion had any friends or family who’d kept up with him, they would’ve been surprised at the amount of focus and dedication he gave to his latest trade. and after a time, his mentor declared him fit for independent study and cut him loose right before the king’s investigators tracked down his hideout. By that point, Garion was three days travel to the south, seducing a young stable boy into a signed servitor’s contract.
For the five years since, Garion has meandered a wending path through the country-side, living off the land and its people. It seems likely that he’d continue this path of lazy gluttony without purpose indefinitely, unless fate intervenes to force action upon him…

Garion Ulrdic

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