Sir Garret Blackstone the Wayward

Sir Garrett Blackstone the Wayward, Former Knight of Great House La Rouge Lapin, Second son of Baron Blackstone.


Forest Dwelling

Base Stats:
Body: d6
Speed: d6
Mind: d12
Will: d10
Race: d8
Career: Vagabond d8

Noble Blood: -2 (Knight)
Strong: -2

Foe (Rare, Deadly): +2
Agnostic: +1
Duty: +3
Gregarious: +1


Skill Type: Deer Vagabond Skills Favorite
Brawling 0 0 d6 Antlers
Bribery 0 0 d8 Offering Slaves
Bow 0 0 d10 0
Camouflage d8 0 0 0
Dodge 0 0 d12 d4 0
Etiquette 0 0 d4 0
Fast Talking 0 d8 d4 0
Gambling 0 0 d4 0
Geography 0 d8 0 0
Herbalism d8 0 d4 0
Hiking d8 d8 0 Wilderness Hiking
Resolve 0 0 d4 0
Slight of Hand 0 0 d6 Applying Poison
Seduction 0 0 d4 Flaunting my Prey-ish Nature
Streetwise 0 d8 0 0

Height: 12 Hands
Weight: 10 Stone
Dash: 6 Paces
Stride: 1.5 Paces
Full Move: 18 paces
Strength Dice: d6
Lift Bonus: +2 (1)
Max Encumbrance: -4
Soak: d4
Dodge: d12 d6


Weapon To-Hit S M L X Damage Special
Bow, Two-Stone Draw d10 d6 6 12 30 60 2d6 d4 Impale
Hooves 2d6 - 2d6 Knockdown
Antlers 2d6 - 2d6 Lock/Disarm

Weapon Notes:
-Knockdown: Enemy Strength Dice vs. My Damage Roll. They fail, they’re prone. They win, they’re kneeling.
-Antlers: Automatically lock horns with enemy in grapple. Otherwise may use antlers to disarm.

Armor Type: Armor Dice Quality
Ring Mail d10 Average


Item: Quantity: Weight: Quality:
Bow, 2-Stone Draw 1 1/8 Average
Ring Mail Armor 1 1 Average
Quiver and Arrows 24 0 0
Herbalism Kit 1 1 Average
Tunic 1 0 0
Breeches 1 0 0
Belt 1 0 0
Leather Flask 1 0 0
Backpack 1 0 0
Purse 2 0 0
Travel Blanket 1 0 0
Metal Mug 1 0 0
Paper 1 0 0
Charcoal 1 0 0
Loaded Dice 1 0 Average
Normal Dice 1 0 Average
Empty Flour Sacks 5 0 0
“Magic Blindness Powder” 1 0 0

Experience Track:

Increase Speed Trait:
8 Points Invested out of 20 Points

Increase Observation Skill:
1 Point Invested out of 5

Gold: 26


Garrett Blackheart’s story can be summed up in one word. Fun. Born the second son of a noble family, Garrett knew from early on that he would be relegated to the sidelines as his older brother inherited the family’s fame and fortune. Presented with a choice by his father, Baron Blackstone, loyal vassal of Great House La Rouge Lapin, the young deer’s life was all but laid out for him, as he could either join the clergy, or become a knight of his great house. Garret knew from an early age that he would never fit the mold of his family legacy. Life as a noble was far too stuffy, too boring, and too proper for his tastes.

Garrett was reluctantly knighted by his father, who hoped the scrawny creature would grow more accustomed to the life of a nobleman. Instead, the deer realized the regimented life, overwhelming etiquette, and excessive notions of virtue only left him empty inside. Coupled with a frail body, especially in comparison to his brother, the young deer realized he needed to take control of his life. Rather than live his days as a court wallflower and second-in-line behind his brother, the deer up and left the knighthood one hot summer’s day, jokingly calling himself “the Wayward” henceforth.

On the road as a vagabond, the deer learned to love everything improper in life, falling right in with the coarser side of the world. Living dirty with ruffians, agnostics and generally the people his father wouldn’t let him consort with, he began to cultivate the kind of career he always wanted – part hunter to keep himself fed, part herbalist to keep himself healed, and part silver-tongued rogue to get out of the worst situations living in the gutter could possibly bring.

Garrett tries to not let his lineage creep back into his life, but sometimes it’s helpful to shout out “do you know who I am?!” when the local sheriff comes knocking. There are benefits to having a father who refuses to disown his son, even if he has shirked his duties for the past three years’ time. Instead he keeps moving forward, leaving town any time he has reason to think his father might send someone after him. However, this comfy arrangement might change in an instant, if his brother were to come to power.

Sir Garret Blackstone the Wayward

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